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About Dimitri

Dimitri Kandalepas is an Operations Coordinator living and working in Chicago, Illinois, who – outside of his career – loves to travel. 

A first-generation American born to two Greek immigrant parents, Dimitri grew up with influences from two different cultures. Because his entire extended family still lived in Greece, every single year of Dimitri’s childhood, his family would make trips to the Mediterranean country to reconnect with his relatives. For Dimitri, travel doesn’t conjure images of Disney World or California beaches, but rather the small villages he visited and islands he explored and family he’s met along the way.

For Dimitri Kandalepas, what he enjoys most about travel is imbibing the beauty and culture of a different style of life, especially while vacationing. Since he also speaks fluent Greek, Dimitri also has the ability to interact with the local people and truly reconnect to his Greek roots. From the amazing food to the concerts and live music events to the beaches to the ancient and historic sites, Greece truly is Dimitri’s home away from home. 

A few years ago, Dimitri met his wife, who is also of Greek descent, and the two married last year in Greece and went island hopping for the ceremony and ensuing receptions and celebrations. Greece is an integral part of Dimitri, and he looks forward to visiting the islands each summer. 

In his career, Dimitri Kandalepas is a talented marketing professional and entrepreneur. Growing up the son of an entrepreneur, Dimitri watched his father run his businesses and was always intrigued by the process. A first-generation American, Dimitri was born to two immigrant parents who used entrepreneurship when they came from Greece to establish their lives and build the foundation for their family. All throughout his adolescence, Dimitri watched and learned from his parents the importance of entrepreneurship. 

Presently in his career in marketing and entrepreneurship, Dimitri is Operations Manager for Adhesive Coating Technologies in Wheeling, Illinois. In his role, he is responsible for collaborating with cross-functional teams to improve the workflow while also managing, coordinating, and directing production activities with a shift to focus on maintaining quality, maximizing productivity, and minimizing cost. In his time with the corporation, Dimitri has also identified and recommended changes to policy and procedure while also creating new Technical Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets, Sales Quotes, and other marketing materials for various products. Dimitri enjoys the work he does and the opportunities he has to help people with their needs. 

Learn more about Dimitri’s insights on travel and get the best insider information on travel throughout the islands of Greece by visiting his blog!