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Backpacking through Europe is a life-changing, unforgettable experience for many people. With so much to see and do in Europe, it can be difficult to know what is worth doing and seeing and what isn’t. Here are some tips for navigating the country and getting the most out of the experience.


For a glimpse into European culture, London is a must-visit spot. Its world-famous museums all offer free admission, and its pubs and cafes are an important part of the culture. True foodies will want to make it a point to visit Brick Lane, where they can shop at numerous markets.


Another destination just outside of London, worth visiting, is Cornwall. Many backpackers find this city easier on their travel budget. It truly encompasses the qualities that make England such a traditional country. Cornwall boasts many small, charming towns, along with beautiful hills and some excellent places to go hiking.


While London might not be the most popular city to backpack through, Interlaken, in Switzerland, is. This city offers visitors a much more laid back experience than London does. Those who enjoy outdoor sports and hiking will likely enjoy their time spent in this city. Backpackers and other travelers consider the party scene one of the best to experience.


The party scene in Barcelona also attracts backpackers and other travelers. It is comparable to that of New York City. Parties often last until dawn and the city’s late-night scene is the hottest in Spain. In addition to its nightlife, Barcelona is also best-known for its food scene, sprawling beaches, Roman history, and even Gaudi-style architecture.


Though it isn’t often mentioned, Scandinavia is also popular with visitors to Europe. Its historic cities are a sight to see, and the locals are known for politeness. Highlights of a visit to Scandinavia include Lapland, Copenhagen, Gotland, Stockholm, and the fjords of Norway.


Another popular backpacking destination is Islay, which has been a huge producer of Whiskey since the 19th century, thanks to its numerous distilleries. But it is also an ideal location for some exhilarating walks and hikes.


Breathtaking sights are one of the reasons that so many people visit Prague. Weekends find the local businesses, like bars and restaurants, exceedingly crowded, but backpackers speak highly of it.