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Travel affordably while using caution this spring break.


After a long year of no traveling, many of you are eager to get out onto the open road for this year’s spring break. Many destinations are cheaper than usual due to the lack of traveling going on right now in the world. If you do choose to travel, make sure to practice social distancing, avoid large crowds wherever possible, wear masks, and get tested on a regular to be safe. There is no reason why you can’t go as long as you are cautious.


Places to consider for your trip?


Consider driving to avoid airlines and airports which tend to be hotbeds for virus transmission. Stick to local destinations to get your travel fix without having to do your 10th staycation since last year. Here are some destinations that won’t break the bank:


Dallas, Texas

There are plenty of free museums and things to do in the Dallas/ Fort-Worth area. As an American Airlines hub, tickets are down nearly 36% this year with many flights sitting empty. Stay in the downtown Bishop Arts area for a laid-back weekend vibe with plenty of Tex-Mex.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Weather is starting to get warmer, and Philly is one of the best deals this spring break with flights down by 52%. Come for the history, but stay for the food on this trip.


Palm Springs, California

Flights to beautiful Palm Springs, California are priced nearly 40% off this season. Home to Coachella and nestled near Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs is the ultimate desert oasis escape.


Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Now is the time to visit Hawaii. Full of natural beauty and unspoiled beaches, the biggest island of Kona is a paradise waiting to be explored. Flight prices are nearly 42% of what they usually are at this time. Hope on board, and say aloha!


CancĂșn, Quintana Roo

Want to head international? Mexico will easily give you the most bang for your buck with a tropical vacation set in Cancun. Prices average about 37% cheaper when compared to last year at this time. Get your tan on, and enjoy a margarita on the turquoise blue waters.