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When one has their hearts on going to a place locally or internationally, it is a great idea to become immersed in the culture of the country that you are living in. There are fewer countries that are more culturally relevant than Greece. Greece is defined by its beautiful structures Art has been a major part of Greece’s culture with regards dating as far back as the Archaic and Geometric periods in Greek art history.


There are so many art museums in Greece that do a tremendous job of displaying the tremendous art history that defines the country of Greece.


The Museum of Modern Greek Art


The Museum of Modern Greek Art is in Rhodes, Greece. This is a great option for those who aren’t into the classic and traditional art. This is for those who prefer art with a more modern flair. The museum is building a beautiful collection of sculptures and paintings that have taken place in the 19th and 20th century.


The Museum of the Royal Tombs at Aigai, Vergina


The Museum of the Royal Tombs at Aigai, Vergina is located near Mount Pieria. The highlight of this location can be seen in its underground museum and cemetery. The location includes open air ruins and explore carefully guarded tombs that house valuable treasures. They house treasures from the Macedonian period. Items such as frescos and gold jewelry can be found in the tombs. Visitors can find unique discoveries in a temple that was built in honor of Alexander the Great’s father.


The National Archaeological Museum, Athens


This location is known as one of the most sizable museums in the country. It is home to some of the most unique archaeological finds that can be found in Greece. The museum was originally created to find discoveries around the capital of Greece. Since then, its operations have expanded to find archaeological discoveries across the entire country.


The museum features more than 11,000 displays.


The Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens


This museum is a hidden treasure that displays artifacts and statuettes made of marble. These displays are characteristic of ancient Cycladic Art. The museum also features Ancient Greek art as well.