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4 Key Mythical Sites to Explore in Greece

With one of the most influential and compelling mythologies to ever emerge from human culture, it is no secret that Greece abounds in captivating mythical sites to this day. Whether you’re checking out the legendary home of Zeus at Mount Olympus or hiking where the Nine Muses were said to have once congregated, a trip to mythical sites within Greece can feel like a journey into the human imagination. Here are just a few of the most important real locations of Greek myths and why a visit here can be a life-changing experience.


  1. Mount Olympus

Said to be the very home of the Greek gods of yore, Mount Olympus is a very real place in Greece. It is also the country’s tallest mountain. Visitors to Greece can plan out fun day-long hikes on or around the mountain; even if it takes some time, getting to Mount Olympus from Athens is also fairly easy by car. If you’re a fan of Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is definitely a must-see.


  1. Mount Parnassus

Set amid the rolling pastoral scenery of central Greece, Mount Parnassus was once claimed to be the mythical home of the Nine Muses and the site of the Oracle of Delphi. According to ancient Greek writers, the mountain was also a special place of worship for both Dionysus and Apollo. Mythology buffs will be astounded by what they find in this wonderful and beautiful area: It is little wonder that the ancients found inspiration here.


  1. Knossos

Said to be the site of the Minotaur’s labyrinth, the archaeological ruin of Knossos has a history going back the better part of some 10,000 years. Once the power-base of Crete, Knossos is now a must-see archaeological site for travelers. The connection to Greek myth and culture is palpable in this stunning and history-rich location.


  1. Island of Delos

According to Greek legend, Delos was the birthplace of the god Apollo. It is not difficult to see why the area has long been regarded as sacred: Visitors to Delos will find a number of compelling ancient ruins and a startling landscape to explore. Getting a boat to Delos can be a bit of a tricky task; however, making the excursion to Delos is worth any number of small hassles. Its ethereal beauty must be seen to be believed.