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Following the shutdowns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Greece reopened its borders to travelers from the UK, European Union, European Economic Area as well as countries from outside of Europe that are on the EU approved list. 


Greece has it all: beautiful beaches, lush valleys, quiet lakes, and rugged mountains. The natural beauty and diversity of lifestyles that the country of Greece offers its visitors make it an easy choice for a backpacking adventure. 


Before traveling to this iconic destination it’s important to have a basic understanding of the culture as well as an idea of the places that you’d like to visit.  Here is a basic guide for traveling to what has been coined the “sunniest” European country.


Relax your itinerary


The Mediterranean region is known for its relaxed, glacial pace. People who insist on sticking to an itinerary may be a bit flustered by the lax way of life on the Greek Isles. It is very common for a ticket agent to nonchalantly tell you that the ferry didn’t show up today, but might tomorrow. Furthermore, it may be a good idea to arrive places early, as while it can be expected that things run late they can also run early in Greece. Travel times concerning trains, ferries, hydrofoils, and buses are relative.


Eat authentically


Greek people live to eat and drink. While there are many popular Greek dishes such as souvlaki and gyro Greece offers visitors the opportunity to experiment with local dishes. There are different cultures throughout the country and every region has its own unique recipes and specialties. When looking at a local menu ask the waiters to recommend traditional specialties and try things that you wouldn’t find at home. There are always hidden treasures so combine flavors and step out of your comfort zone.


Rent a car


If you’re visiting one of the most beautiful countries in Europe don’t you want to see as much as possible? Renting a car can afford you the ability to discover and explore much more freely. The country is fairly small but filled with inspiring cities, historical sites, and beaches. 


Booking a rental car in Greece is affordable and easy, just shop around for the best price. Not only will driving help you to see places that are off the beaten path, but it’ll also help you to avoid busy tourist areas, such as the popular hotels in big urban areas. 


Many of the medieval and ancient ruins in Greece date back to the turn of the century. It is hard to find a place that isn’t a part of history. Make sure that you plan your trip for enough time to take in all the sights as well as kick back and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Greek people are genuinely friendly and hospitality is taken seriously. Enjoy all of the traditions that Greek culture has to offer and it will surely be a trip that you never forget.