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Every country has traditions to boast of. They become a part of the people, and even when a person immigrated to a different land, they bring these traditions with them. This mix of traditions and customs are what make the world colorful and interesting.


Greece is known for its rich history. Even after you set aside its famous mythology, which has shaped our world and storytelling in countless ways, this country has much to offer us. A Greek family throws flavor into every celebration with customs they were raised on.


Greece is one of the great ancient lands; its history is still alive with customs such as these.


1- Wedding Crowns


Greeks take their weddings very seriously. The world is fascinated by their nuptial traditions, such as wedding crowns.


Two delicate, white crowns are blessed by a priest and placed on the bride and groom. The crowns are then entwined with a ribbon to represent the newly-wed couple’s permanent union. These are treasured as keepsakes and honored by the family as symbols of unity.


2- Name Day Celebrations


Many Greeks adhere to the Catholic religion, which venerates the Saints. If a person shares the name of a Saint, that person’s “name day” is the feast day of the Saint. On a person’s name day, they are celebrated and given gifts, much like a birthday. Friends and family visit to wish them a blessed feast day and add cheer to the occasion.


This tradition has become popular in other communities, too; religious people who aren’t Greek sometimes celebrate their name days! Any occasion to celebrate is welcome.


3- Carnival


Many countries celebrate Carnival at certain times of the year. Greece is one of them. The Greek Carnival lasts for two weeks and ends on the first day of Lent, Clean Monday. Carnival is a chance for Greeks to indulge in their celebrations before the Lenten season, which calls for a fast of some sort, such as eating meat or sweets.


The world becomes more colorful when you learn about its traditions and customs. Do a bit of research and you’ll find yourself wanting to adopt some of these customs, too!